Worship Service Live Stream

Livestream ministry during the Covid-19 pandemic

Many churches use live streaming of worship services as a regular part of their ministry, to reach out beyond the walls and include people from nearby, across town, even around the world.  However, in March 2020, a new reality set in, one that few foresaw, and that no one welcomed.  Safety reasons made it impossible to hold regular worship services for so many churches around the world, leaving a spiritual void in so many lives.

The leadership of the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns was determined to find a way to ramp up our technology, to make streaming worship a reality as quickly as possible.  Each week, Pastor Jeff, Pastor Julia, and music directors Mi-Won Kim and Jeremy Goldsmith, gathered in the sanctuary and held a worship service specifically for broadcast.  Practicing good social distancing, they provided prayer, scripture, pastoral message, and music.

As of April 2021, New York State regulations have allowed for more normal gatherings.  The Reformed Church has re-opened its doors for live worship, and gradually, people have ventured out to join us.  But in the intervening months, the church consistory has determined that live-streaming should be a permanent ministry, to accommodate people unable to attend, people that are at a distance, and to generally spread the sacred Word beyond our four walls.  So the live streams will continue to be available live, when worship begins at 10:30am Sundays.  You can also access archived services anytime at this link, on our FaceBook page