Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020

Many churches use live streaming of worship services as a regular part of their ministry, to reach out beyond the walls and include people from nearby, across town, even around the world.  Now though, a new reality has set in, one that few foresaw, and that no one welcomes.  Safety reasons have made it impossible to hold regular worship services for so many churches around the world, leaving a spiritual void in so many lives.

The leadership of the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns was determined to find a way to ramp up our technology, to make streaming worship a reality as quickly as possible.  This week,  May 31, was the congregation’s twelfth opportunity to “gather” virtually since the current crisis began.  Pastor Jeff, Pastor Julia, and music directors Mi-Won Kim and Jeremy Goldsmith, gathered in the sanctuary, and held a worship service specifically for broadcast.  Practicing good social distancing, they provided prayer, scripture, pastoral message, and music.  This week,  Pastor Jeff preached a message reflecting on our nation’s pain and systemic racism as it relates to Pentecost.  Many members of our congregation offered a multilingual version of today’s sentences.  And Marta Coulter, together with daughters Nora and Sylvia, sang “Spirit of the Living God”.

Here is the archived broadcast.  Please note that the service begins about 2 minutes into the video.