February 9: A Busy Sunday!

Sunday, February 9 was a busy day indeed!  There were children singing and ringing bells.  Scouts leading us all in the Pledge of Allegiance as well as the Scout Oath.  And the scoutmaster of Tarrytown Troop 22 delivered an inspiring message about leadership and its rewards and challenges.

Annual Meeting

After the service, the congregation moved upstairs for the annual meeting.  After pizza and salad, a slate of new consistory members was presented and approved:

John Chow   2020-2022
Aubrey Hawes (serving out Kevon Lewis’ term) 2018-2020
Lauren McBride second term  2020-2022

The budgetary message:  we must conserve our healthy endowment by reducing the amounts transferred into operating budgets over the course of the coming year.  To accomplish this?  Each member is encouraged to increase weekly giving just a little.

Lastly, a significant milestone was observed: the 60th anniversary of the construction of the Christian Education Wing and Ammerman Hall.  A video to that effect was shared.