What We Believe

Our Vision

Because we follow Jesus Christ and are guided by his teachings, the Vision of The Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns is to be a community church filled with people gathered for worship, spiritual growth, and fellowship ... people ready to share their talents and gifts, to celebrate what is good, and committed to reach out to   help make our world ... a place where violence ceases, hunger is no more, the oppressed are liberated, resources are respected and shared, and peace embodies justice.

Our Mission

Those who join us on our joyful journey to the destination in our Vision will find that:

We are an open place of worship that embraces all in fellowship without regard to race, color, national origin, age, disability, social or financial status, intellectual capacity, gender or sexual orientation.

We foster spiritual growth and development.

We retain an open and inquisitive mind in search of spiritual truth and meaning.

We welcome the intellectual and spiritual stimulus to be found in the pluralism of beliefs held by those who choose to worship with us.

We work together in programs that offer the opportunity to serve with compassion and care for one another, for our neighbors, and for the greater global community.

We nurture children so that they may have a knowledge of Jesus Christ to realize a life that is filled with love and meaning

Our Future

Based on the concerns of those in the community, the contributions of those who participated in the group discussions and an analysis of the survey results, five major initiatives have been identified to provide a roadmap that will help us maintain our sense of direction as we journey to fulfill our Mission.

1.    Create a warm and caring environment among the members that invites participation and fellowship.

2.    Create programs that help members in spiritual growth and development.

3.    Make visitors feel welcome and our buildings appear inviting.

4.    Develop outreach programs to help those in need and create a greater sense of community.

5.    Develop programs that provide a fun, safe and spiritually healthy place for children of all ages.



We are ...

  • Committed to God
  • Warmly Liturgical
  • Engaged with Community
  • Growing in Faith
  • Looking forward to meeting you!

The Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns is a member of Room for All, a non-profit organization founded in 2005.

  • governed by a Board of Directors which seeks to represent the full diversity of members of the Reformed Church in America
  • committed to the integral work of racial equity on our Board and in our mission
  • a network of supporting RCA members, clergy and congregations engaged in a cooperative effort to support LGBTQ people and allies across the RCA, educate about issues of sexuality and gender in relation to Christian life, and advocate for a radically inclusive welcome and affirmation of the full spectrum of God’s people in all aspects of our congregational and denominational ministries
  • Christ-followers who are committed to unity in diversity in the Reformed Church in America
As an ever-evolving organization, we continue to seek the Spirit as we discern the way forward. We welcome you to join us on this journey of loving and learning together!