First English Record Book of 1785

The First English Record Book contains member, marriage and baptism registers of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, beginning in 1785 and continuing for more than fifty years. The records were transcribed and published by the Tarrytown Historical Society in 1931.

Rev. Stephan Voorhees, who became the Old Dutch's first full-time minister in 1785--he was also the first pastor after the Revolution--introduced the English language into the church and its record-keeping, which prior to the Revolution had been kept in Dutch language.

The marriage and baptism records conclude in 1836, at the end of Rev. Thomas Smith's ministry. Membership records in this book end in 1817.  

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Members, Alphabetical

Marriages, Alphabetical

Baptisms, Alphabetical

Members, By Date, 1785-1817

Marriages, By Date, 1787-1836

Baptisms, part 1, 1785-1802  

Baptisms, part 2, 1802-1836


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