Meet the Staff

The Rev. Jeffrey Gargano, Pastor
Accepted the call of the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns in 2009. Previously served as pastor of the Reformed Church, St. Thomas, Virgin islands, for 14 years.


The Rev. Julia Doellman-Brown
Pastor to Children and Youth
  Nanette Malera
Administrative Assistant

Mi-Won Kim and Jeremy Goldsmith
Music Co-Directors

Patty Kreamer (2nd from right), director, with the staff of New Beginnings Nursery School

  • Annual Meeting Scheduled

    The annual congregational meeting will be held after brunch of Feb. 5. The meeting provides an opportunity to review the activities of 2016, and look ahead to our ministry for 2017. Reports from elders, deacons, treasurer and property will be delivered in advance to all members of the church.


  • Christmas Eve at Old Dutch Church

    Old Dutch Church, Christmas Eve 2014The Rev. Jeffrey Gargano spoke from the pedestal pulpit during Christmas Eve services at the historic old church, the oldest in New York State. There were four worship services held at Old Dutch December 24, 2014, including one for families with young children, and a Festival of Lessons and Carols with choirs and soloists at 7, 9 and 11 p.m.

  • Children's Choirs

    Thank you, Mrs. McDonald for teaching children of the community to sing for God!  On Wednesdays, Mrs. McDonald teaches two different choirs, the Cherub and Children's Choir.  The Children's sang and played bells on December 22, for Sunday worship at the Clock church.  The Cherub choir sang and played bells on Christmas Eve at Old Dutch Church!

  • Communion during Advent

    Communion is a very important sacrament for the children of the Sunday School.  During the Sundays of pageant preparations, the Sunday School class had not enough time to attend Communion during worship.  So, Pastor Jeff came into the classroom, a mess of paints and papers, to share Christ's body and blood with the children and their parents.

  • Christmas Pageant 2013

    The Sunday School elementary class along with their parents began their preparations for the Christmas Pageant at the end of November.  The class created their own play and their own set.  The set was designed by Oliver, a fourth grader, and the execution of the set was the collaboration of students and their parents.  The play was a result of the children putting their heads together and Helena, a fifth grader, keeping everyone on task.  The cooperation displayed in the classroom was beautiful to watch.  I wished other congregants had seen it.  The pageant, presented to the congregation with the help of the Bell Choir on December 15, was very short and appropriate Advent play as it showed the main character's need to repent from his selfish thoughts and ways.

  • Sous Chefs for Brunches

    Some of the teens are regular sous chefs for some of the chefs in our congregation.  CIT here they come!

  • Serving Thanksgiving Dinner at the YMCA

    The teens in Wii Believe were asked to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner at the local YMCA on November 24.  Serving behind a buffet table is something many of them are accustomed to as they serve this way at the church's monthly Sunday brunches.  It was nice to have some of the Wii members who do not attend the church participate in this service.

  • Helping to Maintain Old Dutch Burying Grounds

    On November 18 and 20, after school, a group of teens raked the burying grounds blanketed with leaves. Of course, by the expressions on Malcolm and Kevon's faces (left photo), once the piles were made, some had to be made deep enough for jumping into!

  • Thanksgiving Run, November 17

    Every year, the church is given a family or two for whom to provide Thanksgiving dinner items and other staples.  Teens are asked to shop, and to spend as close to the budgeted amount established by the church leadership as possible.  Two teams of three competed, one to buy Thanksgiving dinner, and the other, staples.  The winning team came under their budgeted amount by 14 cents!  Perhaps, they could qualify for the game show,  "The Price is Right?"

  • Feels Like....Spring!

    But only the colorful umbrellas were blooming as members of the congregation dropped them off in Randall Lobby to dry out during the worship service on January 10.  Outside, an inch and a half of rain fell during the day, and temperatures climbed to a very unseasonal (but very agreeable) 57 degrees. Alas, winter temperatures returned early in the week.




  • Veteran's Day Outings


    In the morning, Sunday School's elementary class climbed walls at The Cliffs, an indoor wall climbing facility.  Temper bouldered (no harness), while Carly, Helena, and Oliver climbed 20 ft. walls with a belay.

    In the afternoon, the teens went across the Hudson River to Bounce, an indoor trampoline facility, where they spent most of their hour playing one of their favorite games, DODGE BALL!
  • "Wii Believe" - a Place for Teens

    The name could be "Wii Believe in God", but for now it's "Wii Believe". What is it? A fun evening for teens every Friday night. Between 7-9 p.m., teens who have a faith in God or who are receptive to a faith in God get together at the church to play Wii games on a large projector screen.

    No pictures were taken because the tapping of fingers on remotes playing Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart and Mortal Combat would be uninteresting!  However, I wonder if an audio recording of the laughter and verbal challenges of the night would be interesting.  Hmmm. ..You know, Youtube it.  If you are a teen, are you ready to be run off the course?

    January 25 already!  The teens have been dancing to Danz 4, playing Wii bowling, and Brawl.  Not only do they play, but they eat a lot.  If anyone wants to volunteer to cook for 8 teens on a Friday, please contact Moira! Tonight, Moira made pasta and meat sauce.  Maybe next week...mac 'n cheese with ribs?

    There's much laughter at a meal, but on December 14 the table was somber as the news of Sandy Hook Elementary School reached us in bits and pieces.  Where was God in all of that?  There were a variety of responses around the table.  God being sovereign and humans having the freedom to make choices admittedly presented us with a mystery.  However, we were all convinced God was there in control.

  • Seeking Donations for Midnight Run

    On Nov. 27 we will carry out our second "Midnight Run" of 2015. This is a ministry that brings food, clothing and human contact to those who live on the streets of Manhattan. To prepare for it, the church welcomes donations of warm clothing, mostly for men, in good condition, especially jackets, jeans, sweaters, hoodies, boots, sneakers, socks, long underwear, gloves and toiletries. In mid-November, please bring your donations to the church so they can be sorted for distribution. We'll also be packing lunches to hand out during the run on Nov. 27. Volunteers to help sort or pack lunches are welcome.

  • Join Us for Sunday Brunch Feb. 1

    Everyone is invited to attend the monthly Sunday brunch on Feb. 1 in Ammerman Hall following the worship service. For the past two years, the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns has held a brunch on the first Sunday of each month to give members and visitors from the community a chance to get together over a delicious hot meal and make new friends. Says Jeff Gargano, pastor, "Our aim is to build community in the church and to welcome in the larger community." The brunches have proven popular with all, and there's always plenty of food. Bring a friend, or make one there!

  • Nice Day for Skaters

    Early morning icing that coated sidewalks and streets created treacherous conditions for the Sunday morning trip to Church on Jan. 18. Pastor Jeff gathered the small flock of brave souls who arrived for worship and held a brief service and hymn sing, followed by an intimate communion service around the altar table.
      All thanks to Moira and Nathan for sanding and sanding sidewalks, and then sanding some more.... At left, a view through a Sanctuary window shows ice on the red maple outside Randall Lobby.


  • Tarrytown Skyline Is Re-formed...

    This sight of scaffolding on the church will soon be a thing of the past. Steeple repairs, under way since November, are finished and workers await only warmer weather to clean up the construction site. And soon after that, the clock will be chiming out the hours again for the village. Roof repairs are ongoing, and are expected to be completed by the end of January. Other recent work at the church includes installation of air conditioning in our community facility, Ammerman Hall. Expect cooler temps for Sunday brunches next summer!

     While these repairs were going on at the Clock Church, the playground was also getting some repairs. 

  • He's "The Sermonator"!

    Pastor Jeff, aka "The Sermonator," shows off a Christmas present he received. It was all part of his children's sermon at the Jan. 5 worship service.

    Listen to his comments by clicking on the audio file below:

  • Ready for Spring!

    Don and Terry Reis in the new elevator, with a Boy Scout operator.Warmer weather is here at last, and we are opening wide our doors and our hearts to welcome all visitors with a smile. Renovations are done and we've turned to furthering our mission programs and reaching out to our communities. One of the more popular initiatives of the past year: a free monthly brunch in Ammerman Hall following worship. The next brunch is May 5; in honor of Cinco de Mayo it will feature Mexican specialties.
    Pictured: New handicap access makes it easier to attend events at the Clock Church. Near right: a Scout operates the elevator for Don and Terry Reis; far right: the walkway from the parking lot was widened and a bench added.

  • Welcome Break from Winter

    Take a break from winter and come to our beach party-themed brunch on Feb. 3rd. We'll be serving up picnic food and beverages. Wear your favorite beach shirt or hat--and don't forget your sunglasses!The brunch begins after the worship service, in Ammerman Hall. Join in the fun!


  • Lenten Video Series Feb 20-Mar 20

    A Lenten Video presentation will be held over five Wednesdays from Feb. 20 through Mar. 20. A light supper will be served. The program begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Clock Church, 42 N. Broadway, Tarrytown, NY. Everyone is invited. Lent is the traditional 40-day period of prayer and fasting before Easter.




  • A Dream Fulfilled

    Don and Terry Reis in the new elevator, with a Boy Scout operator.It all began three years ago when Rob Wingate led a small team of dreamers. They called themselves the Property in Mission Task Force. With great thought and care a plan began to emerge of ways to address long-deferred maintenance while building "mission" into any new construction. In addition to the new handicapped-access from the parking lot to the church, and the installation of the Tiffany window, workers installed a new sound system and an elevator (pictured) to the second-floor meeting hall and kitchen, and made general repairs.



  • Chinese New Year Tradition

    Celebrate the Year of the Snake on Sunday, Feb. 10, with a traditional food of the holiday - Chinese dumplings. Learn how to make the savory filled pastries at the Reformed Church, and sample them too, of course. In the past several years it has become a tradition of our own to hold a dumpling-making session for fun and fellowship. We'll meet in Ammerman Hall after the morning worship service.




  • Annual Meeting and Luncheon

    On Jan. 27, we'll hold our annual meeting to update the congregation on the budget and vote on two nominees to the Consistory. Two elders will be elected to serve 2013-2016.



  • Why It's Called the Clock Church

    ClockTarrytowners have long marked time by the 1877 clock in the church tower at 42 N. Broadway. Last year, the antique clockwork was brought down to the church narthex and installed for all to see. Restored and fully functioning, this beautiful artifact from a bygone era rests on a wrought-iron stand inside a glass case. The vintage mechanism that controls it is made up of gears and levers, flywheels and cables, which on the hour bounds into action in a whir of activity. Visit at the top of the hour and watch time fly!





  • Midnight Run

    Volunteers of the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns will load up the van for the first Midnight Run of the year on Jan. 11. Donations of all kinds of clothing...coats, hats, gloves, long underwear, hoodies, sweaters, boots, socks - will be sorted and sized and distributed to the homeless in New York City at several locations during the evening.
    Please bring donated clothing to the Clock Church. Other things always appreciated are travel-size toiletries. Volunteers also will prepare and distribute 100 bag lunches to the homeless.

  • New Organ: "Most Exciting Instrument"

    What happens when the best of traditional pipe-making is combined with the latest in digital technology? A state-of-the-art organ, just like the one installed last year at the Clock Church in Tarrytown! The new Austin/Ahlborn Galanti organ is the fourth in the 147-year history of the Clock Church. The inaugural recital featured internationally acclaimed organist John Rose, featured in the video at left.



  • Men's Brunch Serves 60

    Cooking crewFirst-Sunday "Men's Brunch" celebrated the upcoming  Mother's Day by serving 60 members of the congregation, guests and friends in Ammerman Hall on Sunday, May 6. It was the latest in a series of brunches with different themes held on the first Sunday of each month. The brunches are free and the community is invited to join in the happy occasions. The all-male ktichen crew (pictured) created a fine-dining experience while other men set up and cleaned up afterward. On the menu: cream of broccoli soup, bread pudding with berry sauce and smoked ham, and penne with asparagus and bacon. The next brunch will be June 3.

  • Celebrate With Us Today, May 6

    The men of the congregation will be preparing and serving the brunch today in Ammerman Hall, in honor of the ladies. The menu includes cream of broccoli soup, bread pudding with berry sauce and smoked ham, and penne with asparagus and bacon, prepared by Glen Allen, pictured at left (middle) with help from Mark (left) and Chris (right), as well as  Ishmael, Kevon and Wei. The brunch starts right after worship. Join us, and bring a friend--or make a new one there!

  • Working with a smile in the D.R.

    Dominican Republic Mission Trip Aug 2010Pouring concrete floors, painting, patching walls and laying concrete blocks? Our teens? 

    Yes! Six can-do teens and two chaperones from our congregation joined Pastor Jeff Gargano on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and did just that.

    They were part of a mission team working in the village of Mata Gorda, a tiny village outside Jarabacoa. Most homes there are constructed of branches, bark and crushed coffee cans. The floors are earthen, so a concrete floor is a significant upgrade and joy for a household.

    For a week, the team ate meals with the villagers, played with the children, and joined in worship and prayer. The team worked alongside Youth With A Mission (YWAM), an international volunteer movement of Christians dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world.

    The Mission Team delivered basic food items such as rice, beans, sugar, and flour to the families in the community.

    The trip, organized by Pastor Jeff in 2010, was an invaluable learning experience to gain cultural awareness of the families of the Dominican Republic and the struggles and challenges they encounter in daily living. Each day began and ended reflecting on God's goodness and the opportunities we have to serve in God's name.













We are ...

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  • Warmly Liturgical
  • Engaged with Community
  • Growing in Faith
  • Looking forward to meeting you!