Meet the Staff

The Rev. Jeffrey Gargano, Pastor
Accepted the call of the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns in 2009. Previously served as pastor of the Reformed Church, St. Thomas, Virgin islands, for 14 years.

Nanette Malera, Administrative Assistant

Mi-Won Kim and Jeremy Goldsmith, Music Co-Directors

Patti Kreamer (left), director, with the staff of New Beginnings Nursery School

  • Update on Church Properties

    In a recent newsletter, the Rev. Jeff Gargano announced the sale of one building and purchase of another. The property for sale is the manse, in Philips Manor. ""This home has not been occupied by a pastor for nearly ten years," he wrote. "This is in keeping with the trend away from pastors living in church housing. As you might imagine, pastors today prefer to be in a position to live in their own homes." The church will purchase a house at 4 Dell Street, better known as the William Smith Memorial Building directly across the street from the Citgo station, just across the Pocantico River from the Old Dutch Church. "Our plan in purchasing this property is to convert it to classrooms for our children, meeting rooms, an Old Dutch Church Welcome Center, a preparation space for brides, bathrooms and a much better venue for the Old Dutch Fest," the pastor wrote. As soon as the transaction is complete, the church will begin the necessary renovations.

We are ...

  • Committed to God
  • Warmly Liturgical
  • Engaged with Community
  • Growing in Faith
  • Looking forward to meeting you!