Meet the Staff

The Rev. Jeffrey Gargano, Pastor
Accepted the call of the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns in 2009. Previously served as pastor of the Reformed Church, St. Thomas, Virgin islands, for 14 years.

Nanette Malera, Administrative Assistant

Mi-Won Kim and Jeremy Goldsmith, Music Co-Directors

Patti Kreamer (left), director, with the staff of New Beginnings Nursery School

  • Feels Like....Spring!

    But only the colorful umbrellas were blooming as members of the congregation dropped them off in Randall Lobby to dry out during the worship service on January 10.  Outside, an inch and a half of rain fell during the day, and temperatures climbed to a very unseasonal (but very agreeable) 57 degrees. Alas, winter temperatures returned early in the week.




We are ...

  • Committed to God
  • Warmly Liturgical
  • Engaged with Community
  • Growing in Faith
  • Looking forward to meeting you!